Set up licensing for Cloud Backup

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You can license Cloud Backup by purchasing a pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) marketplace subscription from your cloud provider, or by purchasing a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) from NetApp. A valid license is required to activate Cloud Backup on a working environment, to create backups of your production data, and to restore backup data to a production system.

A few notes before you read any further:

  • If you’ve already subscribed to the Cloud Manager pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) subscription in your cloud provider’s marketplace for a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system, then you’re automatically subscribed to Cloud Backup as well. You won’t need to subscribe again.

  • The Cloud Backup bring-your-own-license (BYOL) is a floating license that you can use across all systems associated with your Cloud Manager account. So if you have sufficient backup capacity available from an existing BYOL license, you won’t need to purchase another BYOL license.

  • When backing up on-prem ONTAP data to StorageGRID, you need a BYOL license, but there’s no cost for cloud provider storage space.

30-day free trial

A Cloud Backup 30-day free trial is available from the pay-as-you-go subscription in your cloud provider’s marketplace. The free trial starts at the time that you subscribe to the marketplace listing. Note that if you pay for the marketplace subscription when deploying a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system, and then start your Cloud Backup free trial 10 days later, you’ll have 20 days to use the free trial.

When the free trial ends, you’ll be switched over automatically to the PAYGO subscription without interruption. If you decide not to continue using Cloud Backup, just unregister Cloud Backup from the working environment before the trial ends and you won’t be charged.

Use a Cloud Backup PAYGO subscription

For pay-as-you-go, you’ll pay your cloud provider for object storage costs and for NetApp backup licensing costs on an hourly basis in a single subscription. You should subscribe even if you have a free trial or if you bring your own license (BYOL):

  • Subscribing ensures that there’s no disruption of service after your free trial ends.

    When the trial ends, you’ll be charged hourly according to the amount of data that you back up.

  • If you back up more data than allowed by your BYOL license, then data backup continues through your pay-as-you-go subscription.

    For example, if you have a 10 TiB BYOL license, all capacity beyond the 10 TiB is charged through the PAYGO subscription.

You won’t be charged from your pay-as-you-go subscription during your free trial or if you haven’t exceeded your BYOL license.

Use these links to subscribe to Cloud Backup from your cloud provider marketplace:

Subscribe to yearly contracts through AWS

There are two annual contracts available from the AWS Marketplace page for Cloud Volumes ONTAP and on-premises ONTAP systems. They’re available in 1-, 2-, or 3-year terms:

  • A "Cloud Backup" plan that enables you to back up Cloud Volumes ONTAP data and on-premises ONTAP data.

    If you want to use this option, set up your subscription from the Marketplace page and then associate the subscription with your AWS credentials. Note that you’ll also need to pay for your Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems using this annual contract subscription since you can assign only one active subscription to your AWS credentials in Cloud Manager.

  • A "CVO Professional" plan that enables you to bundle Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Backup. This includes unlimited backups for Cloud Volumes ONTAP volumes charged against this license (backup capacity is not counted against the license). This option doesn’t enable you to back up on-premises ONTAP data.

    See the Cloud Volumes ONTAP licensing topic to learn more about this licensing option.

    If you want to use this option, you can set up the annual contract when you create a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment and Cloud Manager prompts you to subscribe to the AWS Marketplace.

Use a Cloud Backup BYOL license

Bring-your-own licenses from NetApp provide 1-, 2-, or 3-year terms. You pay only for the data that you protect, calculated by the logical used capacity (before any efficiencies) of the source ONTAP volumes which are being backed up. This capacity is also known as Front-End Terabytes (FETB).

The BYOL Cloud Backup license is a floating license where the total capacity is shared across all systems associated with your Cloud Manager account. For ONTAP systems, you can get a rough estimate of the capacity you’ll need by running the CLI command volume show-space -logical-used for the volumes you plan to back up.

If you don’t have a Cloud Backup BYOL license, click the chat icon in the lower-right of Cloud Manager to purchase one.

Optionally, if you have an unassigned node-based license for Cloud Volumes ONTAP that you won’t be using, you can convert it to a Cloud Backup license with the same dollar-equivalence and the same expiration date. Go here for details.

You use the Digital Wallet page in Cloud Manager to manage BYOL licenses. You can add new licenses, update existing licenses, and view license status from the Digital Wallet.

Obtain your Cloud Backup license file

After you’ve purchased your Cloud Backup license, you activate the license in Cloud Manager either by entering the Cloud Backup serial number and NSS account, or by uploading the NLF license file. The steps below show how to get the NLF license file if you plan to use that method.

  1. Sign in to the NetApp Support Site and click Systems > Software Licenses.

  2. Enter your Cloud Backup license serial number.

    A screenshot that shows a table of licenses after searching by serial number.

  3. In the License Key column, click Get NetApp License File.

  4. Enter your Cloud Manager Account ID (this is called a Tenant ID on the support site) and click Submit to download the license file.

    A screenshot that shows the get license dialog box where you enter your tenant ID and then click Submit to download the license file.

    You can find your Cloud Manager Account ID by selecting the Account drop-down from the top of Cloud Manager, and then clicking Manage Account next to your account. Your Account ID is in the Overview tab.

Add Cloud Backup BYOL licenses to your account

After you purchase a Cloud Backup license for your NetApp account, you need to add the license to Cloud Manager.

  1. Click All Services > Digital Wallet > Data Services Licenses.

  2. Click Add License.

  3. In the Add License dialog, enter the license information and click Add License:

    • If you have the backup license serial number and know your NSS account, select the Enter Serial Number option and enter that information.

      If your NetApp Support Site account isn’t available from the drop-down list, add the NSS account to Cloud Manager.

    • If you have the backup license file, select the Upload License File option and follow the prompts to attach the file.

      A screenshot that shows the page to add the Cloud Backup BYOL license.


Cloud Manager adds the license so that Cloud Backup is active.

Update a Cloud Backup BYOL license

If your licensed term is nearing the expiration date, or if your licensed capacity is reaching the limit, you’ll be notified in the Backup UI. This status also appears in the Digital Wallet page and in Notifications.

A screenshot that shows an expiring license in the Digital Wallet page.

You can update your Cloud Backup license before it expires so that there is no interruption in your ability to back up and restore your data.

  1. Click the chat icon in the lower-right of Cloud Manager, or contact Support, to request an extension to your term or additional capacity to your Cloud Backup license for the particular serial number.

    After you pay for the license and it is registered with the NetApp Support Site, Cloud Manager automatically updates the license in the Digital Wallet and the Data Services Licenses page will reflect the change in 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. If Cloud Manager can’t automatically update the license, then you’ll need to manually upload the license file.

    1. You can obtain the license file from the NetApp Support Site.

    2. On the Digital Wallet page Data Services Licenses tab, click More icon for the service serial number you are updating, and click Update License.

      A screenshot of selecting the Update License button for a particular service.

    3. In the Update License page, upload the license file and click Update License.


Cloud Manager updates the license so that Cloud Backup continues to be active.

BYOL license considerations

When using a Cloud Backup BYOL license, Cloud Manager displays a warning in the user interface when the size of all the data you are backing up is nearing the capacity limit or nearing the license expiration date. You’ll receive these warnings:

  • When backups have reached 80% of licensed capacity, and again when you have reached the limit

  • 30 days before a license is due to expire, and again when the license expires

Use the chat icon in the lower right of the Cloud Manager interface to renew your license when you see these warnings.

Two things can happen when your BYOL license expires:

  • If the account you are using has a marketplace account, the backup service continues to run, but you are shifted over to a PAYGO licensing model. You are charged for the capacity that your backups are using.

  • If the account you are using doesn’t have a marketplace account, the backup service continues to run, but you will continue to see the warnings.

Once you renew your BYOL subscription, Cloud Manager automatically updates the license. If Cloud Manager can’t access the license file over the secure internet connection, you can obtain the file yourself and manually upload it to Cloud Manager. For instructions, see how to update a Cloud Backup license.

Systems that were shifted over to a PAYGO license are returned to the BYOL license automatically. And systems that were running without a license will stop seeing the warnings.