MetroCluster Documentation

Get started
Install MetroCluster IP

Install a MetroCluster IP configuration.

Install Fabric-attached MetroCluster

Install a fabric-attached MetroCluster configuration.

Install Stretch MetroCluster

Install a stretch MetroCluster configuration.

Install Tiebreaker

Install the MetroCluster Tiebreaker software on a third location to monitor the MetroCluster sites.

Install Mediator (MetroCluster IP only)

Install the ONTAP Mediator software on a third location to monitor the MetroCluster IP sites.

FC switches

Maintain and replace FC switches in MetroCluster FC configurations.

IP switches

Maintain and replace IP switches in MetroCluster IP configurations.

ATTO bridges

Maintain and replace ATTO FC-to-SAS bridges in MetroCluster FC configurations.

Drive shelves

Hot-add and non-disruptively replace drive shelves MetroCluster FC configurations.

RCF files
MetroCluster RCF files

Generate or download RCF files for your MetroCluster switches.

Learn more
NetApp MetroCluster Solution Architecture and Design | TR-4705

Understand the MetroCluster FC solution.

MetroCluster IP Solution Architecture and Design | TR-4689

Understand the MetroCluster IP solution.

Upgrade, expand, and convert
Upgrade and refresh hardware

Upgrade the controllers in a MetroCluster configuration.


Add controllers to the MetroCluster configurations to create a four-node or eight-node configuration.

Convert MetroCluster FC to MetroCluster IP

Transition an existing MetroCluster IP configuration to a MetroCluster IP configurations.

Upgrade MetroCluster IP RCF files

Upgrade the switch RCF files in MetroCluster IP configurations.

ATTO bridge firmware
FibreBridge 7600N

Download firmware for a 7600 bridge.

FibreBridge 7500N

Download firmware for a 7500 bridge.

FibreBridge 6500N

Download firmware for a 6500 bridge.

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Verify your configuration and cabling.

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Verify that your hardware is supported.

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