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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.13

Configure disaster recovery setup

Contributors Netapp-shabaana

You can create and manage the disaster recovery setup in your vCenter Server along with VMware's Site Recovery Manager (SRM).

VASA Provider now comes built-in with the capabilities of Storage Replication Adapter (SRA). If you have configured vVols datastores in your datacenter, then for recovery of vVols datastores, you do not need to install SRA separately for disaster recovery. In Site Recovery Manager (SRM), you must pair the protected and recovery sites. After the site pairing has occurred, the next part of the SRM configuration involves setting up an array pair which enables SRM to communicate with storage system to discover devices and device replication. Before you can configure the array pair, you must first create a site pair in SRM.

This release of ONTAP tools provides you with an option to use synchronous SnapMirror configuration for disaster recovery.

Note VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) does not use SRA for managing disaster recovery of vVols datastores. Instead VASA Provider is used for replication and failover control of vVols datastores on ONTAP 9.7 and later clusters.

See Enable Storage Replication Adapter section for the procedure.

quick_resync feature activation

You can enable quick_resync flag to perform the Reprotect and Restore operation in SRA. This is applicable only for datastores backed by volumes with asynchronous SnapMirror relationship. quick_resync flag enables faster resync time of the destination volume because resync does not incur storage efficiency overhead before the transfer of new data. The quick_resync is not enabled by default. It is recommended to enable the quick_resync flag:

  • When the source of the resync does not have volume efficiency enabled.

  • When reducing resync time is more important than preserving all possible storage efficiency on the network.

Follow the below steps to enable the quick_resync flag:

  1. Log into the control panel at /https://<IP address>:9083 and click Web based CLI interface.

  2. Run the command vp updateconfig -key=snapmirror.quick.resync.enabled -value=true.

  3. Run the command vp reloadconfig.