Discover StorageGRID systems

Contributors netapp-bcammett

BlueXP can discover the StorageGRID systems in your on-premises environment. Adding StorageGRID systems to BlueXP enables you to get a complete view of the data across your hybrid multicloud.

What you’ll need
  • A Connector installed in a cloud provider or on your premises, with network connectivity to the StorageGRID system.

  • The domain name or IP address of the admin node.

  • Admin credentials for the admin node.

  1. From the BlueXP navigation menu, select Storage > Canvas.

  2. Select Add Working Environment and select On-Premises.

  3. Next to StorageGRID, select Discover.

  4. If you’re prompted, create a Connector.

    Refer to the link above for more details.

  5. On the StorageGRID Cluster Details page, enter the domain name or IP address of the admin node, the credentials for the node, and then select Add.

    A screenshot that shows the StorageGRID Cluster Details page where you enter the domain name or IP address of the admin node and the credentials.


BlueXP discovers the StorageGRID system and adds it as a working environment on the Canvas.

A screenshot that shows a StorageGRID working environment on the BlueXP Canvas.