Create a policy to back up applications

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You can either use one of the pre-canned policies or create a custom policy to back up the application data to cloud. You can create policies if you do not want to edit the pre-canned policies.

The pre-canned policies are:

Policy Name Label Retention Value

1 Year Daily LTR



5 Years Daily LTR



7 Year Weekly LTR



10 Year Monthly LTR




  1. In BlueXP UI, click Protection > Backup and recovery > Applications.

  2. From the Settings drop-down, click Policies > Create Policy.

  3. In the Policy Details section, specify the policy name.

  4. In the Retention section, select one of the retention type and specify the number of backups to retain.

  5. Select Primary or Secondary as the backup storage source.

  6. (Optional) If you want to move backups from object store to archival storage after a certain number of days for cost optimization, select the Tier Backups to Archival checkbox.

    You can move backups from object store to archival storage only if you are using ONTAP 9.10.1 or later and Amazon Web Services or Azure as the cloud provider. You should configure the archive access tier for each cloud provider.

  7. Click Create.

    You can edit, copy, and delete the customized policies.

    Note You cannot edit or delete a policy, which is associated with an application.