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BlueXP backup and recovery
All cloud providers
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • All cloud providers

Quick start

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Get started quickly by following these steps.

One Verify support for your configuration
  • Operating System:

    • RHEL 7.6 or later

    • RHEL 8.1 or later for SAP-HANA SPS07

    • SLES 12 SP5 or later and 15 SPX platforms certified by SAP HANA

  • NetApp Cloud Storage: Azure NetApp Files

  • Storage layouts: For data and log files, Azure supports only NFSv4.1.

  • Database layouts:

    • SAP HANA Multitenant Database Container (MDC) 2.0SPS5, 2.0SPS6, 2.0SPS7 with single or multiple tenants

    • SAP HANA single host system, SAP HANA multiple host system, HANA System Replication

  • SAP HANA plug-in on the database host

Two Sign up to BlueXP

BlueXP is accessible from a web-based console. When you get started with BlueXP, your first step is to sign up using your existing NetApp Support Site credentials or by creating a NetApp cloud login. For information, refer to Sign up to BlueXP.

Three Log into BlueXP

After you sign up to BlueXP, you can log in from the web-based console. For information, refer to Log into BlueXP.

Four Manage your BlueXP account

You can administer your account by managing users, service accounts, workspaces, and Connectors. For information, refer to Manage your BlueXP account.