Log in to BlueXP (standard mode)

After you sign up to BlueXP, you can log in from the web-based console to start managing your data and storage infrastructure.

Log in options

You can log in to the BlueXP web-based console using one of the following options:

  • Your existing NetApp Support Site (NSS) credentials

  • A NetApp cloud login using your email address and a password

  • A federated connection

    You can use single sign-on to log in using credentials from your corporate directory (federated identity). Learn how to use identity federation with BlueXP.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the BlueXP console

  2. On the Log in page, enter the email address that’s associated with your login.

  3. Depending on the authentication method associated with your login, you’ll be prompted to enter your credentials:

    • NetApp cloud credentials: Enter your password

    • Federated user: Enter your federated identity credentials

    • NetApp Support Site account: Enter your NetApp Support Site credentials


You’re now logged in and can start using BlueXP to manage your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.