Manage Google Cloud credentials and subscriptions for BlueXP

You can manage the Google Cloud credentials that are associated with the Connector VM instance by associating a marketplace subscription and by troubleshooting the subscription process. Both of these tasks ensure that you can use your marketplace subscription to pay for BlueXP services.

Associate a Marketplace subscription with Google Cloud credentials

When you deploy a Connector in Google Cloud, BlueXP creates a default set of credentials that are associated with the Connector VM instance. At any time, you can change the Marketplace subscription that’s associated with these credentials. The subscription enables you to create a pay-as-you-go Cloud Volumes ONTAP system, and to use other BlueXP services.

  1. In the upper right of the BlueXP console, select the Settings icon, and select Credentials.

  2. On the Account credentials page, select the action menu for a set of credentials and then select Associate Subscription.

    A screenshot of the action menu for a set of existing credentials.

  3. To associate the credentials with an existing subscription, select a Google Cloud project and subscription from the down-down list, and then select Associate.

    A screenshot of a Google Cloud project and subscription selected for Google Cloud credentials.

  4. If you don’t already have a subscription, select Add Subscription > Continue and follow the steps in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

    Note Before you complete the following steps, ensure that you have both Billing Admin privileges in your Google Cloud account as well as a BlueXP login.
    1. After you’re redirected to the NetApp BlueXP page on the Google Cloud Marketplace, ensure that the correct project is selected at the top navigation menu.

      A screenshot of the Cloud Volumes ONTAP marketplace page in Google Cloud.

    2. Select Subscribe.

    3. Select the appropriate billing account and agree to the terms and conditions.

    4. Select Subscribe.

      This step sends your transfer request to NetApp.

    5. On the pop-up dialog box, select Register with NetApp, Inc.

      This step must be completed to link the Google Cloud subscription to your BlueXP account. The process of linking a subscription isn’t complete until you are redirected from this page and then sign in to BlueXP.

      A screenshot of a registration pop-up.

    6. Complete the steps on the Subscription Assignment page:

      Note If someone from your organization has already subscribed to the NetApp BlueXP subscription from your billing account, then you will be redirected to the Cloud Volumes ONTAP page on the BlueXP website instead. If this is unexpected, contact your NetApp sales team. Google enables only one subscription per Google billing account.
      • Select the BlueXP accounts that you’d like to associate this subscription with.

      • In the Replace existing subscription field, choose whether you’d like to automatically replace the existing subscription for one account with this new subscription.

        BlueXP replaces the existing subscription for all credentials in the account with this new subscription. If a set of credentials wasn’t ever associated with a subscription, then this new subscription won’t be associated with those credentials.

        For all other accounts, you’ll need to manually associate the subscription by repeating these steps.

      • Select Save.

        The following video shows the steps to subscribe from the Google Cloud Marketplace:

    7. Once this process is complete, navigate back to the Credentials page in BlueXP and select this new subscription.

      A screenshot of the subscription assignment page.

Troubleshoot the Marketplace subscription process

Sometimes subscribing to BlueXP through the Google Cloud Marketplace can become fragmented due to incorrect permissions or accidentally not following the redirection to the BlueXP website. If this happens, use the following steps to complete the subscription process.

  1. Navigate to the NetApp BlueXP page on the Google Cloud Marketplace to check on the state of the order. If the page states Manage on Provider, scroll down and select Manage Orders.

    A screenshot of the marketplace page post subscription.

    • If the order shows a green check mark and this is unexpected, somebody else from the organization using the same billing account might already be subscribed. If this is unexpected or you require the details of this subscription, contact your NetApp sales team.

      A screenshot of an accepted entitlement.

    • If the order shows a clock and Pending status, go back to the marketplace page and choose Manage on Provider to complete the process as documented above.

      A screenshot of a pending marketplace entitlement.