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Setup and administration

Learn about BlueXP

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NetApp BlueXP provides your organization with a single control plane that helps you build, protect, and govern data across your on-premises and cloud environments. The BlueXP SaaS platform includes services that provide storage management, data mobility, data protection, and data analysis and control. Management capabilities are provided through a web-based console and APIs.


The BlueXP platform provides four main pillars of data management: storage, mobility, protection, and analysis and control.


Discover, deploy, and manage storage, whether it’s in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on premises.


Move data where it’s needed by syncing, copying, tiering, and caching data.


Use automated protection mechanisms to protect data against data loss, unplanned outages, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Analysis and control

Use tools to monitor, map, and optimize your data storage and infrastructure. Gain actionable intelligence to optimize storage health, resiliency, and economics.

Supported cloud providers

BlueXP enables you to manage cloud storage and use cloud services in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Pricing for BlueXP depends on the services that you plan to use. Learn about BlueXP pricing

How BlueXP works

BlueXP includes a web-based console that’s provided through the SaaS layer, accounts that provide multi-tenancy, and Connectors that manage working environments and enable BlueXP cloud services.


BlueXP is accessible through a web-based console and APIs. This SaaS experience enables you to automatically access the latest features as they’re released and to easily switch between your BlueXP accounts and Connectors.

BlueXP account

When you log in to BlueXP for the first time, you’re prompted to create a BlueXP account. This account provides multi-tenancy and enables you to organize users and resources in isolated workspaces.


You don’t need a Connector to get started with BlueXP, but you’ll need to create a Connector to unlock all BlueXP features and services. A Connector enables the management of resources and processes across your on-premises and cloud environments. It’s required to manage working environments (for example, Cloud Volumes ONTAP and on-premises ONTAP clusters) and to use many BlueXP data services.

Restricted mode and private mode

BlueXP is also supported in environments that have security and connectivity restrictions. You can use restricted mode or private mode to limit outbound connectivity to the BlueXP SaaS layer.

SOC 2 Type 2 certification

An independent certified public accountant firm and services auditor examined BlueXP and affirmed that it achieved SOC 2 Type 2 reports based on the applicable Trust Services criteria.