What’s new with on-prem ONTAP clusters

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Learn what’s new with on-prem ONTAP clusters.

27 February 2022

An "On-Premises ONTAP" tab is available in the Digital Wallet.

Now you can view an inventory of your on-prem ONTAP clusters along with their hardware and service contracts expiration dates. Additional details about the clusters are also available.

See how to view this important on-prem cluster information. You’ll need to have a NetApp Support Site account (NSS) for the clusters, and the NSS credentials will need to be attached to your Cloud Manager account.

11 January 2022

Tags that you add to volumes on on-prem ONTAP clusters can be use with the Tagging service.

Tags that you add to a volume are now associated with the tagging feature of the Application Templates service, which can help you organize and simplify the management of your resources.

28 November 2021

Create volume wizard for on-prem ONTAP clusters has been simplified

We redesigned the create volume wizard for ease of use and you can now choose a custom export policy.

8 March 2021

On-prem ONTAP cluster information available in the Active IQ service

  • When Active IQ displays the list of your on-prem clusters (based on your NSS account), you can click a button to discover the cluster and add it to the Cloud Manager Canvas. This makes it easier to manage all your storage systems from Cloud Manager.

  • When Active IQ determines that one or more clusters require firmware updates, you can click a button to download the Ansible playbook and upgrade the cluster firmware.

  • A new Cloud-Ready Workloads tab provides a list of the workloads or volumes that we have identified as ideal to move to the cloud from your on-prem ONTAP clusters. Moving some of these volumes could reduce your costs and improve performance and resiliency.