Supported S3 storage classes and regions

Cloud Tiering supports several S3 storage classes and most regions.

Supported S3 storage classes

Cloud Tiering can apply a lifecycle rule so the data transitions from the Standard storage class to another storage class after 30 days. You can choose from the following storage classes:

  • Standard-Infrequent Access

  • One Zone-IA

  • Intelligent

If you choose Standard, then the data remains in that storage class.

Supported AWS regions

Cloud Tiering supports the following AWS regions.

Asia Pacific

  • Mumbai

  • Seoul

  • Singapore

  • Sydney

  • Tokyo


  • Frankfurt

  • Ireland

  • London

  • Paris

  • Stockholm

North America

  • Canada Central

  • GovCloud (US-West) – starting with ONTAP 9.3

  • US East (N. Virginia)

  • US East (Ohio)

  • US West (N. California)

  • US West (Oregon)

South America

  • São Paulo