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Reset the default configuration on the new nodes

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

To confirm that configuration information on the boot media does not interfere with the controller upgrade, you must reset the configurations of node3 and node4 to the default configuration settings.

About this task

You must perform the following steps on node3 and node4. You can perform the steps on each node in parallel.

  1. Boot the node to the boot menu:

    boot_ontap menu

  2. At the boot menu prompt, type wipeconfig and then press Enter.

    The following screen shows the boot menu prompt

    Please choose one of the following:
        (1) Normal Boot.
        (2) Boot without /etc/rc.
        (3) Change password.
        (4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks.
        (5) Maintenance mode boot.
        (6) Update flash from backup config.
        (7) Install new software first.
        (8) Reboot node.
        (9) Configure Advanced Drive Partitioning.
        Selection (1-9)?  wipeconfig
  3. Enter yes when you see a prompt similar to the following:

    This option deletes critical system configuration, including cluster membership.
    Warning: do not run this option on a HA node that has been taken over.
    Are you sure you want to continue?: yes
    Rebooting to finish wipeconfig request.

    The system will initiate the wipeconfig procedure and reboot. When the procedure is complete, the system returns to the boot menu.

  4. From the boot menu, enter 8 to reboot the node, and press Ctrl-C during autoboot to stop the node at the LOADER prompt.