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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.12
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Configure Storage Replication Adapter for highly scaled environment


You must configure the storage timeout intervals per the recommended settings for Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) to perform optimally in highly scaled environments.

Storage Provider settings

You should set the following timeout values on SRM for scaled environment:

Advanced settings

Timeout values


Increase the value of the setting from 900 seconds to 12000 seconds.






Set a high value(For example: 99999)

You should also enable the StorageProvider.autoResignatureMode option.

See VMware documentation for more information on modifying Storage Provider settings.

Storage settings

You must set the value of the storage.commandTimeout and storage.maxConcurrentCommandCnt timeout interval for highly scaled environments to 99,999 seconds.

Note The timeout interval specified is the maximum value. You do not need to wait for the maximum timeout to be reached. Most commands finish within the set maximum timeout interval.

You should also set the maximum time for SRA to perform a single operation in the file: offtap.operation.timeout.period.seconds=86400.

VMware documentation on modifying SAN Provider settings has more information.