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SaaS Backup For Partner Central

Monitor customer jobs

Contributors netapp-rlithman

You can monitor backup, sync, and restore jobs for your SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365 customers in SaaS Backup Partner Central.

  1. From the dashboard, click Monitoring.

    monitoring page

    In Monitoring, you can see job history for your customers in two separate tabs: Running Jobs and Completed Jobs.

  2. You can filter Running Jobs and Completed Jobs by job type, service type, domain name, and status.

    1. To filter by job type, click Filter under Job type and then select the job type.

      filter by job type

      Now job types refer to on demand jobs.

    2. To filter by service type, click Filter under Service type and then select the service.

      Select the service:

      • Exchange Online

      • OneDrive for Business

      • SharePoint Online

      • Office 365 Groups

    3. To filter by customer, click Filter under Domain name and then select or search for the customer domain.

      filter by customer domain

    4. To filter by status, click Filter under Status and then select the status.

      filter by job status