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Quick start for hardware installation

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Follow these high-level steps to install and set up a StorageGRID appliance and deploy it as a node in your StorageGRID system.

One Prepare for installation
  1. Work with your NetApp Professional Services consultant to automate installation and configuration. See Automate appliance installation and configuration.

    This step is optional. However, streamlining and automating configuration steps can save time and provide consistency in the configuration of multiple appliances.

  2. Prepare site

  3. Unpack boxes

  4. Obtain additional equipment and tools

  5. Review web browser requirements

  6. Review appliance network connections

  7. Gather installation information

Two Install hardware
  1. Register hardware

  2. Install into cabinet or rack

  3. Cable appliance

  4. Connect power cords and apply power

  5. View status indicators and codes

Three Set up hardware

If you are configuring and deploying more than one appliance, use the NetApp ConfigBuilder tool to automate the following configuration and deployment steps. For guidance, contact your NetApp Professional Services consultant. See Automate appliance installation and configuration.

Four Deploy appliance node

Deploy the appliance as a new node in your StorageGRID system.