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BlueXP disaster recovery

BlueXP disaster recovery prerequisites

Contributors amgrissino

Get started by verifying the readiness of your operational environment, login, network access, and web browser.

To use BlueXP disaster recovery, you should ensure that your environment meets the following requirements:

  • On-premises VMware working environment with NetApp storage

  • On AWS:

  • In BlueXP:

    • Amazon FSx for ONTAP and AWS credentials added to the BlueXP working environment.

    • The BlueXP Connector needs to be set up in BlueXP. The on-premises and cloud Connector should have connectivity to both the on-premises and VMware Cloud (VMC) VCenter with ESXis. This enables the backup, failover, failback and migration features to work properly with the needed networking and script features.

      The BlueXP Connector requires credentials for both the source and target vCenter servers. Refer to the BlueXP Quick start and BlueXP networking information.

    • To ensure that application-consistency processes are successful, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

      • Ensure that VMware tools (or Open VM tools) are running on the VMs that will be protected.

      • For Windows VMs running SQL or Oracle or both, the databases should have their VSS Writers enabled and the databases should be in a stable state.

      • Oracle databases that are running on a Linux operating system should have the operating system user authentication enabled for the Oracle database SYSDBA role.