Monitoring the status of backup and restore jobs

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You can monitor the status of backup and restore jobs that you have initiated in your working environments. This allows you to see the jobs that have completed successfully, those currently in progress, and those that have failed so you can diagnose and fix any problems.

Note that system-initiated jobs, such ongoing backup operations, are not reflected in the Job Monitoring tab — only user-initiated jobs are displayed.

Viewing the status of your backup and restore jobs

You can view a list of all the backup and restore operations and their current status. This includes operations from your Cloud Volumes ONTAP, on-premises ONTAP, Applications, and Kubernetes systems. Each operation, or job, has a unique ID and a status. The status can be:

  • Successful

  • In Progress

  • Queued

  • Warning

  • Failed

  1. Click the Backup & Restore tab.

  2. Click the Job Monitoring tab.

    A screenshot showing backup and restore jobs in the Job Monitoring dashboard.

You can click the name of a job to view details corresponding to that operation.

If you are looking for specific job, you can:

  • use the time selector at the top of the page to view jobs for a certain time range

  • enter a part of the job name in the Search field

  • sort the results by using the filter in each column heading