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NetApp periodically updates Cloud Volumes Service for AWS to bring you new features and enhancements.

September 2019

  • Cloud Volumes Service now supports up to 100 million files per volume. The maximum file count is increased by 20 million for each Terabyte allocated up to 100 million. The maximum may be increased to higher than 100 million via a customer support request.

  • Cloud volume names now support up to 253 characters; an increase from the previous limit of 64 characters.

  • The user interface now displays the service level per volume in the volume list page.

August 2019

July 2019

  • Creating a volume from a snapshot is now rapid, and the volume is available within seconds regardless of the amount of data in the parent volume.

  • The user interface now displays the used capacity per volume.

  • The API has been updated to report used capacity, and total inodes and used inodes.

  • The API has been updated to use the same service levels names as the user interface (Standard, Premium, and Extreme).

  • The sample Python scripts have been updated to match the updated APIs.

March 2019

  • Added support for Microsoft Active Directory in the AWS Cloud (AWS Managed Microsoft AD) for SMB cloud volumes.

  • The control plane for us-east-1 and us-west-1 now have their own UI URL and API endpoint. Previously these regions shared the same control plane.

  • Sample Python scripts have been added for RESTful API support: Cloud Volumes APIs

February 2019

January 2019

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is now publicly available on the AWS Marketplace

  • Access from on-prem clients is now supported via AWS Direct Connect and Virtual Private Gateways

  • A service status webpage is now available at https://status.services.cloud.netapp.com/ so you can verify availability of the CVS service in each supported region

December 2018

  • NetApp Cloud Sync support is now available from the Cloud Volumes Service user interface in all supported regions

November 2018

  • Support for SMB 2.1 protocol

  • Support in the following AWS regions: ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo), ap-southeast-2 (Sydney), and eu-west-2 (London)

September 2018

  • RESTful API support and online examples: Cloud Volumes APIs

  • Support in the following AWS regions: eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) and eu-west-1 (Ireland)