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NetApp periodically updates Cloud Volumes Service for AWS to bring you new features and enhancements.

New features and updates

NetApp periodically updates the Cloud Volumes Service to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

March 2019

  • Added support for Microsoft Active Directory in the AWS Cloud (AWS Managed Microsoft AD) for SMB cloud volumes.

  • The control plane for us-east-1 and us-west-1 now have their own UI URL and API endpoint. Previously these regions shared the same control plane.

  • Sample Python scripts have been added for RESTful API support: Cloud Volumes APIs

February 2019

January 2019

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is now publicly available on the AWS Marketplace

  • Access from on-prem clients is now supported via AWS Direct Connect and Virtual Private Gateways

  • A service status webpage is now available at https://status.services.cloud.netapp.com/ so you can verify availability of the CVS service in each supported region

December 2018

  • NetApp Cloud Sync support is now available from the Cloud Volumes Service user interface in all supported regions

November 2018

  • Support for SMB 2.1 protocol

  • Support in the following AWS regions: ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo), ap-southeast-2 (Sydney), and eu-west-2 (London)

September 2018

  • RESTful API support and online examples: Cloud Volumes APIs

  • Support in the following AWS regions: eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) and eu-west-1 (Ireland)

August 2018

  • Ability to select data encryption for SMB shares

  • Ability to select the security styles of NTFS or UNIX for shares exported via both NFS and SMB

  • Display for NFS and SMB mount instructions for shares exported via both NFS and SMB

  • Support for multiple Active Directory servers

  • Support in the following AWS regions: us-east-1 (N. Virginia), us-west-1 (N. California), and us-west-2 (Oregon)

Known problems and limitations

These known limitations identify platforms or features that are not fully supported.

  • Issue: In release v1.1.81 the API endpoint is no longer listed on the API access page.

    Workaround: You can determine the endpoint from the URL in the browser window appended with ":8080/v1/"; meaning port 8080, path /v1/. For example, for the us-west-1 region, the API endpoint is https://cv.us-west-1.netapp.com:8080/v1/