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Cloud Volumes Service

Modifying the Cloud Sync schedule

Contributors netapp-juliec

When a Cloud Sync relationship is initially created, auto sync is enabled by default and scheduled to run once a day. You can modify the Cloud Sync schedule as appropriate.

  1. Go to the Sync page or the Sync tab for a volume on the Volumes page to see the Cloud Sync relationships.

    Sync relationships
  2. To turn off auto sync for a Cloud Sync relationship, click the blue ON slider for the relationship.

    Auto sync slider
  3. To change the sync schedule, click the drop-down list under Schedule, select Day/s or Hour/s, select an interval number, and then click the checkmark.

    Modifying the Cloud Sync schedule
  4. To start Cloud Sync immediately, click Done under Action, select Sync Now, and click Sync Now again to confirm.