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Cloud Volumes Service

Creating a Cloud Sync data broker

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NetApp Cloud Sync is integrated with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS to enable fast data syncing over NFS to or from a cloud volume. A Cloud Sync data broker enables you to create a Cloud Sync relationship for syncing data.

About this task

If you already have a Cloud Sync data broker in the same AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that you use for your Cloud Volumes account, you can skip this task.

  1. Go to the Sync page or the Sync tab for a volume on the Volumes page.

  2. Create a data broker by clicking Create data broker.

  3. Provide information for the following fields:

    • Name

      Provide a name for the data broker.

    • Type

      Select AWS.

    • Region

      Select an available region.

    • API key

      Provide the access key for your AWS account.

    • Secret key

      Provide the secret key for your AWS account.

    • Keypair

      Select an available keypair.

      The keypair will be updated after you enter valid keys.

    • VPC

      Select the VPC that is connected to your Cloud Volumes account.

    • Subnet

      Select an available subnet to use for the data broker.

      Creating a Cloud Sync data broker
  4. Click Create data broker to start the data broker creation process.

    It takes a few minutes to create a data broker.
    After the data broker is created, it is marked with a green dot to indicate that it is ready.

After you finish

Continue with Creating a Cloud Sync Relationship.