Creating a cloud volume Edit on GitHub Request doc changes

You create cloud volumes from the NetApp Cloud Orchestrator site.

Before you begin

You must have selected the region where you want to use the service.
Selecting the region

  1. Navigate to the NetApp Cloud Orchestrator site, and then log in with the email address that you provided during your subscription.

  2. Click the Create new volume button.

    The Create Volume page appears.

    Create Volume page
  3. Select NFS, SMB, or Dual-protocol in the Create Volume page, and provide information for the following fields:

    • Name

      Specify the name you want to use for the volume.

    • Region

      Select the AWS region where you want to create the volume.

    • Timezone

      Select your time zone.

    • Volume path

      Specify the path you want to use or accept the automatically generated path.

    • Create from snapshot (Optional)

      Select an existing snapshot to create a volume.

    • Service level

      Select Standard, Premium, or Extreme.

    • Allocated capacity

      Select the allocated capacity for the volume.

    • Security style

      If you selected Dual-protocol, you can change the security style by selecting NTFS or UNIX from the drop-down menu.

      Security styles affect the file permission type used and how permissions can be modified.

      • UNIX uses NFSv3 mode bits, and only NFS clients can modify permissions.

      • NTFS uses NTFS ACLs, and only SMB clients can modify permissions.

    • Export policy

      If you selected NFS or Dual-protocol, you can create an export policy by providing information for the following fields:

      • Allowed clients

        Specify the allowed clients by using an IP address or Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR).

      • Access

        Select Read & Write or Read only.

      • Add export policy rule (optional)

        Click to add additional export policy rules.

        Add export policy rule
    • Enable data encryption

      For SMB or Dual-protocol, you can enable SMB session encryption by checking this box.

      Note: Do not enable encryption if SMB 2.1 clients need to mount the volume.

    • Active Directory

      For SMB or Dual-protocol, you can integrate the volume with a Windows Active Directory server by providing the following information:

      • DNS server

        Enter the IP address of the DNS server that you want to use.

      • Domain

        Enter the domain for the SMB share.

      • NetBIOS

        Enter a NetBIOS name for the SMB server that will be created.

      • Username

        Enter a username for your Active Directory server.

        You can use any username that is authorized to create machine accounts in the Active Directory domain to which you are joining the SMB server.

      • Password

        Enter the password for the AD username that you specified in Username.

        Active Directory
        You should follow the guidance on AWS security group settings to enable cloud volumes to integrate with Windows Active Directory servers correctly.
        AWS security group settings for Windows AD servers
    • Snapshot policy (Optional)

      • Select the snapshot frequency: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

      • Select the number of snapshots to keep.

      • Select the time when the snapshot should be taken:

        • Select Minute for hourly snapshots.

        • Select Hour and Minute for daily snapshots.

        • Select Weekday(s), Hour, and Minutes for weekly snapshots.

        • Select Day(s) of month, Hour, and Minutes for monthly snapshots.

          You can create additional snapshot policies by repeating the steps above.

          Snapshot policy

          You can edit export policies and snapshot policies after the volume is created.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Create Volume.

    The volume you created appears in the Volumes page.
    A volume is created

After you finish

Continue with Mounting a cloud volume.