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BeeGFS on NetApp with E-Series Storage

Ansible Inventory Overview

Contributors iamjoemccormick

The Ansible inventory is a set of configuration files that define the desired BeeGFS HA cluster.


It is recommended to follow standard Ansible practices for organizing your inventory, including the use of sub-directories/files instead of storing the entire inventory in one file.

The Ansible inventory for a single BeeGFS HA cluster is organized as follows:

Ansible Inventory Overview

Note Since a single BeeGFS file system can span multiple HA clusters, it is possible for large installations to have multiple Ansible inventories. Generally it is not recommend to try and define multiple HA clusters as a single Ansible inventory to avoid issues.


  1. On your Ansible control node create an empty directory that will contain the Ansible inventory for the BeeGFS cluster you want to deploy.

    1. If your file system will/may eventually contain multiple HA clusters, it is recommended to first create a directory for the file system, then sub-directories for the inventory representing each HA cluster. For example:

  2. In the directory containing the inventory for the HA cluster you want to deploy, create two directories group_vars and host_vars and two files inventory.yml and playbook.yml.

The following sections walk through defining the contents of each of these files.