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Converged Systems Advisor

Quick start for Converged Systems Advisor

Contributors netapp-rlithman netapp-thomi

Getting started with Converged Systems Advisor agent and portal for Flexpod includes a few steps.

number 1 Prepare your environment

Verify support for your configuration. Prepare your environment.

number 2 Create accounts on FlexPod devices

Set up accounts in Cisco UCS Manager, on your Cisco Nexus switches, for your ONTAP systems, for VMware, and on the APIC. These accounts are used by the agent to collect configuration data.
Create accounts on Flexpod devices.

number 3 Grant CSA user privileges using a TACACS+ server

For those who use a TACACS+ server, you need to grant CSA user privileges for your switches, create a user privilege group and grant the group access to the specific set up commands needed by CSA.
Grant CSA user privileges using a TACACS+ server

number 4 Set up and deploy the agent

Deploy the Converged Systems Advisor agent on a VMware ESXi server. The agent collects configuration data about each device in your FlexPod converged infrastructure and sends that data to the Converged Systems Advisor portal.
Deploy the agent.

number 5 Add/share infrastructure in the portal

Add each FlexPod device to the Converged Systems Advisor portal to create an entire infrastructure that you can monitor. You can also share a converged infrastructure to enable another person to log in to the portal so they can view and monitor the configuration.
Add and share infrastructure in the portal.

number6 Configure notifications

With a Premium license, you can set up notifications which alert you about changes to your FlexPod infrastructure through email notifications.
Configure notifications

number7 Set a static IP address

If your environment does not have a DHCP server, you can set a static IP address on the Converged Systems Advisor agent.
Set a static IP address on the agent