Step 4: Test SSO login

To ensure that the IdP system and storage array can communicate, you can optionally test an SSO login. This test is also performed during the final step for enabling SAML.

Before you begin


  1. Select the Test SSO Login link.
    A dialog opens for entering SSO credentials.
  2. Enter login credentials for a user with both Security Admin permissions and Monitor permissions.
    A dialog opens while the system tests the login.
  3. Look for a Test Successful message. If the test completes successfully, go to the next step for enabling SAML.
    If the test does not complete successfully, an error message appears with further information. Make sure that:
    • The user belongs to a group with permissions for Security Admin and Monitor.
    • The metadata you uploaded for the IdP server is correct.
    • The controller addresses in the SP metadata files are correct.