Controller software and firmware upgrades

You can upgrade your storage array's software and firmware for all the latest features and bug fixes.

Components included in the SANtricity OS controller software upgrade

Several storage array components contain software or hardware that you might want to upgrade occasionally.

1 Controller shelf
2 Drive shelf
3 Software, controller firmware, controller NVSRAM, supervisor software
4 Drive firmware
5 IOM firmware
6 Drive firmware

You can view your current software and firmware versions in the Software and Firmware Inventory dialog box. Go to Support > Upgrade Center, and then click the link for Software and Firmware Inventory.

As part of the upgrade process, the host's multipath/failover driver and/or HBA driver might also need to be upgraded so the host can interact with the controllers correctly. To determine if this is the case, see the Netapp Interoperability Matrix Tool.

When to stop I/O

If your storage array contains two controllers and you have a multipath driver installed, the storage array can continue processing I/O while the upgrade occurs. During the upgrade, controller A fails over all of its volumes to controller B, upgrades, takes back its volumes and all of controller B’s volumes, and then upgrades controller B.

Pre-upgrade health check

A pre-upgrade health check runs as part of the upgrade process. The pre-upgrade health check assesses all storage array components to make sure the upgrade can proceed. The following conditions might prevent the upgrade:

You also can run the pre-upgrade health check separately without doing an upgrade.