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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.11
A newer release of this product is available.

Changing the Counter Charts focus to a shorter period of time


You can use your mouse to reduce the time range to focus on a specific period of time in the Counter Chart pane or in the Counter Charts Zoom View window. This enables you to see a more granular and microscopic view of any part of the timeline of performance data, events, and thresholds.

What you'll need

The cursor must have changed to a magnifying glass to indicate that this functionality is active.


When using this feature, which alters the timeline to display values that correspond to the more granular display, the time and date range on the Time Range selector does not change from the original values for the chart.

  1. To zoom into a specific period of time, click using the magnifying glass and drag the mouse to highlight the area that you want to see in detail.

    The counter values for the time period you select fills the counter chart.

  2. To return to the original period of time as set in the Time Range selector, click the Reset Chart Zoom button.

    The counter chart displays in its original state.