Associating users to an account

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Associate additional users to a Cloud Central account so those users can see the same sync relationships and data brokers as other users in the account.

The following steps must be performed by the user who created and manages the account for Cloud Sync.

  1. Ask the new user to go to Cloud Central, create a user account, and log in.

  2. In Cloud Sync, obtain your Cloud Central account ID by clicking the Support icon.

    A screenshot that shows your Account ID when you click the Support icon.

  3. Open the Cloud Central tenancy API.

  4. Expand Account and then click POST /account​/{accountId}​/associate.

  5. Click Try it out.

  6. Enter your account ID and fill out the request body.

    You should provide the email address that the new user used when signing up with Cloud Central.

    screenshot api associate account

  7. Click Execute.