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Cloud Sync

Quick start for Cloud Sync

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Getting started with the Cloud Sync service includes a few steps.

number 1 Prepare your source and target

Verify that your source and target are supported and setup. The most important requirement is to verify connectivity between the data broker and the source and target locations. Learn more.

number 2 Prepare a location for the NetApp data broker

The NetApp data broker software syncs data from a source to a target (this is called a sync relationship). You can run the data broker in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or on your premises. The data broker needs an outbound internet connection over port 443 so it can communicate with the Cloud Sync service and contact a few other services and repositories. View the list of endpoints.

Cloud Sync guides you through the installation process when you create a sync relationship, at which point you can deploy the data broker in the cloud or download an install script for your own Linux host.

number3 Create your first sync relationship

Start your free trial from NetApp Cloud Central, drag and drop your selections for the source and target, and follow the prompts to complete the setup. Learn more.

number4 Pay for your sync relationships after your free trial ends

Subscribe from AWS or Azure to pay-as-you-go or to pay annually. Or purchase licenses directly from NetApp. Just go to the License Settings page in Cloud Sync to set it up. Learn more.