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Converged Systems Advisor

Deployment validation report for partners

Contributors netapp-rlithman

NetApp partners can run a deployment validation to verify that a FlexPod converged infrastructure is configured correctly. Partners can then hand off the report to customers.

  1. Log in to the Converged Systems Advisor portal.

  2. Expand the customer's configuration from the Customer List.

    Shows three converged infrastructures for a customer.

  3. Under Deployment Validation Report, click Generate.

  4. Choose whether you want to view the report in your browser, in a PDF, or via email.

  5. Review the report and correct any interoperability issues and deployment validation errors.


    In this sample configuration, the firmware versions of the Nexus switches are not supported:

    Shows the interoperability section of the Deployment Validation Report. It includes two switches with unsupported firmware versions.

    Four validation rules also failed due to issues with switch connectivity:

    Shows the errors section of the Deployment Validation Report. The fabric interconnect does not uplink into the corresponding Nexus Fibre Channel fabric.

    Upgrading the firmware can correct the interoperability of the configuration and adding the links can correct the failed validation rules.

  6. After you correct the issues, collect data to ensure that Converged Systems Advisor has the latest configuration data:

    1. Select the converged infrastructure.

    2. In the upper right, click Collect.

      Shows the collect button in the upper right that is available after selecting a converged infrastructure.

  7. Generate the report again to verify that you have corrected the issues.

  8. Send the final Deployment Validation Report to your customer.


The converged infrastructure is now set up according to best practices.