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SnapCenter Software 4.8
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Backup naming conventions for Plug-in for SQL server

Contributors netapp-soumikd

You can either use the default Snapshot copy naming convention or use a customized naming convention. The default backup naming convention adds a timestamp to Snapshot copy names that helps you identify when the copies were created.

The Snapshot copy uses the following default naming convention:


You should name your backup resource groups logically, as in the following example:


In this example, the syntax elements have the following meanings:

  • dts1 is the resource group name.

  • mach1x88 is the host name.

  • 03-12-2015_23.17.26 is the date and timestamp.

Alternatively, you can specify the Snapshot copy name format while protecting resources or resource groups by selecting Use custom name format for Snapshot copy. For example, customtext_resourcegroup_policy_hostname or resourcegroup_hostname. By default, the time stamp suffix is added to the Snapshot copy name.