Install XCP SMB

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This section details the system requirements and the procedure for VC++ redistributable installation and the initial setup of XCP on a Windows client.

There is no option to upgrade, reinstall XCP to replace any existing version.

System Requirements



64-bit Intel or AMD server, minimum 4 cores and 32GB RAM

Operating System & Software

Windows 2k12 R2 or above. See the IMT matrix for supported Microsoft OS versions

Visual C++ 2017 redistributable must be installed on the XCP host.

Special Requirements

The source storage system, XCP host, and the target ONTAP system must be part of same Active Directory domain


20 MB of disk space for the XCP binary and at least 50 MB of disk space for the logs that are stored in the C:\NetApp\XCP directory

Supported Protocol Version

All SMB protocol versions

Supported browser (File Analytics only)

XCP File Analytics supports Google Chrome version 76 and later. See the IMT matrix for all the supported versions of the browser

XCP SMB Microsoft VC++ Redistributable installation

Follow these steps for the VC++ redistributable installation.


  1. Go to https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572 and download VC++ 2017 redistributable.

  2. To start the installation, double click the installer. Accept the terms and conditions and click Install.

  3. When the installation is complete, click Restart.

XCP SMB Initial Setup Procedure

Follow these steps to perform the initial setup of XCP SMB.


  1. Copy the license and the XCP SMB binary NETAPP_XCP_<version>.tgz on a Windows host.

  2. Create an xcp directory on your desktop.
    Verify that the C:\NetApp\XCP path is available on the system from a previous version of XCP.
    If C:\NetApp\XCP is available, activate XCP by using the xcp activate command and proceed with data migration.

    If C:\NetApp\XCP is not available, the system creates the XCP host configuration directory and files at C:\NetApp\XCP when you run the xcp activate command for the first time. The activate xcp command fails and creates an error message asking for a new license.

    C:\>xcp.exe activate
    (c) 2020 NetApp, Inc.
    License file C:\NetApp\XCP\license not found.
    Register for a license at https://xcp.netapp.com
  3. Copy the license to the newly created folder C:\NetApp\XCP:

    C:\>copy license c:\NetApp\XCP
            1 file(s) copied.
  4. Activate XCP:

    C:\>xcp.exe activate
    XCP SMB; (c) 2020 NetApp, Inc.;
    XCP already activated