Unsupported features

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The following features are not supported on XCP NFS:

Feature Name Description


Does not support IP version 6 (IPv6)

NFSv4 ACLS (third-party)

Does not support third-party to NetApp NFSv4 ACLs

The following features are not supported on XCP SMB:

Feature Name Description

NFS symbolic link (symlink)

NFS symlink is not supported in XCP SMB

ACL option for scan

ACLs not supported for scan option


Does not support IP version 6 (IPv6)

NTFS Alternate Data Streams

XCP does not currently support Alternate Data Streams

XCP Filters

The XCP SMB exclude option currently excludes directories based on their pattern in the filter and traverses the filesystem of those directories.

Active source support

XCP does not support the use of a baseline or an incremental Snapshot copy followed by live source migration for an incremental sync.

The following common features are not available for XCP NFS and SMB:

  • XCP multiple instances on same host: When running multiple instances of XCP on the same host you might get unpredictable results.

  • Time to complete migration: XCP upfront does not provide the time to complete the migration or the time to complete any command used for migration. If you are doing final cutover confirm that data churn on the source volume is low.

  • Running copy again on an uncleaned target: XCP baseline copy will fail when there is partial data on the destination target. For a successful XCP baseline copy and XCP verify, the destination must be clean.

  • Live destination: XCP does not support modifying data on the destination volume during a migration or during an incremental sync.