Migrate SMB data

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After planning the migration with the show and scan commands, you can migrate data.


The copy command scans and copies the entire source directory structure to a destination SMB share. The copy command requires having source and destination paths as variables. The scanned and copied files, throughput/speed, and elapsed time details are printed to the console once every five seconds.


C:\xcp>xcp copy \\<source SMB share> \\<destination SMB share>

See xcp help copy for more details.


The sync command scans for changes and modifications in the source and target shares in parallel, and applies the appropriate actions (remove, modify, rename, and so on) to the target to make sure that the target is identical to the source.

The sync command compares data content, time stamps, file attributes, ownership, and security information.


C:\xcp>xcp sync \\<source SMB share> \\<destination SMB share>

See xcp help sync for more details.


The verify command reads both source and target shares and compares them, providing information about what is different. You can use the command on any source and destination, regardless of the tool used to perform the copy or sync.


C:\xcp>xcp verify \\<source SMB share> \\<destination SMB share>

See xcp help verify for more details.