Quick start for Astra

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This page provides a high-level overview of the steps that you need to complete to get started with Astra. The links within each step take you to a page that provides more details.

Number 1 Review Kubernetes cluster requirements

  • Astra supports Kubernetes clusters that are managed by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

  • Clusters must be running a healthy state, with at least one online worker node, in a region where Cloud Volumes Service is supported.

  • The cluster must reside on a VPC that is peered to Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud (more on this in the next step).

  • The cluster must be running Kubernetes version 1.17 or later.

  • The image type for each worker node must be Ubuntu.

Number 2 Set up Google Cloud

  1. Set up a Google Cloud account and project.

  2. Purchase Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud from the Marketplace.

  3. Enable the required APIs.

  4. Create a service account that has the required permissions.

  5. Create a service account key.

  6. Set up network peering from your VPC to Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud.

Number 3 Complete the Astra registration

  1. Create a NetApp Cloud Central account.

  2. Specify your NetApp Cloud Central email ID when creating your Astra account from the Astra product page.

Number 4 Add your first compute

After you log in, click Add Compute to start managing compute with Astra.