Start managing Kubernetes clusters from Astra Control Service

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After you set up your environment, you’re ready to create a Kubernetes cluster and then add it to Astra Control Service.

Create a Kubernetes cluster

Start managing Kubernetes clusters

After you log in to Astra Control Service, your first step is to start managing your clusters.

What you’ll need
  • For GKE, you should have the service account key file for a service account that has the required permissions. Learn how to set up a service account.

  • For AKS, you should have the JSON file that contains the output from the Azure CLI when you created the service principal. Learn how to set up a service principal.

    You’ll also need your Azure subscription ID, if you didn’t add it to the JSON file.

  1. On the Dashboard, click Manage Kubernetes cluster.

    Follow the prompts to add the cluster.

  2. Provider: Select your cloud provider and then provide the required credentials.

    1. Microsoft Azure: Provide details about your Azure service principal by uploading a JSON file or by pasting the contents of that JSON file from your clipboard.

      The JSON file should contain the output from the Azure CLI when you created the service principal. It can also include your subscription ID so it’s automatically added to Astra. Otherwise, you need to manually enter the ID after providing the JSON.

    2. Google Cloud Platform: Provide the service account key file either by uploading the file or by pasting the contents from your clipboard.

      Astra Control Service uses the service account to discover clusters running in Google Kubernetes Engine.

  3. Cluster: Select the cluster that you’d like to add.

    Pay careful attention to the Eligible tab. If a warning appears, hover over the warning to determine if there’s an issue with the cluster. For example, it might identify that the cluster doesn’t have a worker node.

  4. Storage: Select the storage class that you’d like Kubernetes applications deployed to this cluster to use by default.

  5. Review & Approve: Review the configuration details and click Add cluster.

    A screenshot that shows the Review & Approve page, which provides a summary of the configuration that you chose for the managed app.

The following video shows each of these steps for a GKE cluster.


Astra Control Service creates an object store for application backups, creates an admin account on the cluster, and sets the default storage class that you specified. This process can take up to 5 minutes.