Quick start for Astra Control Service

This page provides a high-level overview of the steps that you need to complete to get started with Astra Control Service. The links within each step take you to a page that provides more details.

One Set up your cloud provider

  1. Google Cloud:

    • Review Google Kubernetes Engine cluster requirements.

    • Purchase Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

    • Enable the required APIs.

    • Create a service account and service account key.

    • Set up network peering from your VPC to Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud.

  2. Amazon Web Services:

    • Review Amazon Web Services cluster requirements.

    • Create an Amazon account.

    • Install the Amazon Web Services CLI.

    • Create an IAM user.

    • Create and attach a permissions policy.

    • Save the credentials for the IAM user.

  3. Microsoft Azure:

If you are managing your own cluster and it is not hosted by a cloud provider, review the requirements for self-managed clusters.
Learn more about self-managed cluster requirements.

Two Complete the Astra Control registration

  1. Create a NetApp Cloud Central account.

  2. Specify your NetApp Cloud Central email ID when creating your Astra Control account from the Astra product page.

Three Add clusters to Astra Control

After you log in, select Add cluster to start managing your cluster with Astra Control.