Clone and migrate apps

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Clone an existing app to create a duplicate app on the same Kubernetes cluster or on another cluster. Cloning can help if you need to move applications and storage from one Kubernetes cluster to another. For example, you might want to move workloads through a CI/CD pipeline and across Kubernetes namespaces.

When Astra Control clones an app, it creates a clone of your application configuration and persistent storage.

  1. Click Apps.

  2. Click the drop-down list in the Action column for the desired app.

  3. Click Clone.

    A screenshot of the app page where you can click the drop-down list in the actions column and select Clone.

  4. Clone details: Specify details for the clone:

    • Keep the default name and namespace, or edit them.

    • Choose a destination cluster for the clone.

    • Choose whether you want to create the clone from an existing snapshot or backup. If you don’t select this option, Astra Control creates the clone from the app’s current state.

  5. Clone Summary: Review the details about the clone and click Clone App.

    A screenshot of the Clone Summary dialog box which you can use to review clone information about the original app and the cloned app.


Astra Control clones that app based on the information that you provided.