Known issues

Contributors netapp-mwallis

Unable to define an app on a namespace that has been deleted and recreated

If you define an application with a namespace, delete the namespace, and then reinstall the app in the same namespace, the operation fails with a 409 error code. To define the app using the recreated namespace, delete the old application instance first.

App clones fail using a specific version of PostgreSQL

App clones within the same cluster consistently fail with the Bitnami PostgreSQL 11.5.0 chart. To clone successfully, use an earlier or later version of the chart.

App backups and snapshots fail if the volumesnapshotclass is added after a cluster is managed

Backups and snapshots fail with a UI 500 error in this scenario. As a workaround, refresh the app list.

App data management operations fail with Internal Service Error (500) when Astra Trident is offline

If Astra Trident on an app cluster goes offline (and is brought back online) and 500 internal service errors are encountered when attempting app data management, restart all of the Kubernetes nodes in the app cluster to restore functionality.