Restore apps

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Astra Control can restore your application from a snapshot or backup. Restoring from an existing snapshot will be faster when restoring the application to the same cluster. You can use the Astra Control UI or the Astra Control API to restore apps.

Note Any member user with namespace constraints by namespace name/ID or by namespace labels can clone or restore an app to a new namespace on the same cluster or to any other cluster in their organization’s account. However, the same user cannot access the cloned or restored app in the new namespace. After a new namespace is created by a clone or restore operation, the account admin/owner can edit the member user account and update role constraints for the affected user to grant access to the new namespace.
  1. Select Applications and then select the name of a managed app.

  2. Select Data protection.

  3. If you want to restore from a snapshot, keep Snapshots selected. Otherwise, select Backups to restore from a backup.

  4. Select the drop-down list in the Actions column for the snapshot or backup from which you want to restore.

  5. Select Restore application.

  6. Restore details: Specify details for the restored app. To restore an app in-place (revert an app to an earlier version of itself), choose the same namespace and destination cluster that it is currently running in:

    • Enter a namespace for the app.

    • Choose the destination cluster for the app.

    • Click Review.

      Note If you restore to a namespace that was previously deleted, a new namespace with the same name is created as part of the restore process. Any users that had rights to manage apps in the previously deleted namespace need to manually restore rights to the newly re-created namespace.
  7. Restore Summary: Review details about the restore action, type "restore", and select Restore.


Astra Control restores the app based on the information that you provided. If you restored the app in-place, the associated persistent volumes are deleted and recreated.