Restore apps

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Astra Control can restore your application configuration and persistent storage from a snapshot or backup. Persistent storage backups are transferred from your object store, so restoring from an existing backup will complete the fastest.

  1. Click Apps and then click the name of a managed app.

  2. Click Data protection.

  3. If you want to restore from a snapshot, keep Snapshots selected. Otherwise, click Backups to restore from a backup.

    A screenshot of the Data protection tab where you can view Snapshots or Backups.

  4. Click the drop-down list in the Actions column for the snapshot or backup from which you want to restore.

  5. Click Restore application.

    A screenshot of the app page where you can click the drop-down list in the actions column and select Restore application.

  6. Restore details: Specify details for the clone:

    • Enter a name and namespace for the app.

    • Choose the destination cluster for the app.

    • Click Review information.

  7. Restore Summary: Review details about the restore action and click Restore App.

    A screenshot of the Restore Application page which enables you to review information about the restore action.


Astra Control restores the app based on the information that you provided.