Create volume using NFS

Contributors netapp-ranuk

You can use this workflow to create a volume accessed through NFS protocol.

1. Create the working environment

Perform the workflow Create working environments and choose the publicId value for the workingEnvironmentId parameter in the JSON input.

2. Create the volume

HTTP method Path



curl example
curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'x-agent-id: <AGENT_ID>' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' --d @JSONinput

The JSON input example includes the minimum list of input parameters.

JSON input example
  "providerVolumeType": "Premium_LRS",
  "verifyNameUniqueness": true,
  "name": "vol2",
  "size": {
    "size": 10,
    "unit": "GB"
  "enableCompression": true,
  "enableDeduplication": true,
  "createAggregateIfNotFound": "true",
  "enableThinProvisioning": true,
  "aggregateName": "aggr1",
  "maxNumOfDisksApprovedToAdd": 0,
  "svmName": "svm_ShirleyAzureVsa2601",
  "iops": null,
  "snapshotPolicyName": "default",
  "autoVsaCapacityManagementEnabled": true,
  "exportPolicyInfo": {
    "_ips": "",
    "ips": [
    "nfsVersion": [
    "policyType": "custom"
  "workingEnvironmentId": "VsaWorkingEnvironment-IsDYFJf8"