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NetApp HCI is available in a range of configuration options for both compute and storage. Starting from NetApp HCI 1.8, you can have a minimum starting configuration of two storage and two compute nodes. Before NetApp HCI 1.8, the minimum configuration required was four storage nodes and two compute nodes.

  • NetApp HCI supports various H-series storage node models, such as, H300S, H500S, H700S, H410S, and H610S.

  • The storage layer in NetApp HCI is provided by NetApp Element software and the management layer is provided by the NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server.

  • A storage node is a server containing a collection of drives that communicate with each other through the Bond10G network interface.

  • Each storage node is connected to two networks, storage and management, each with two independent links for redundancy and performance. Each node requires an IP address on each network.

  • You can create a cluster with new storage nodes, or add storage nodes to an existing cluster to increase storage capacity and performance.

  • In the NetApp HCI and SolidFire ecosystem, storage is provisioned using volumes.