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Monitor performance, capacity, and cluster health with SolidFire Active IQ

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By using SolidFire Active IQ, you can monitor the events, performance, and capacity of your clusters. You can access SolidFire Active IQ from the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control Dashboard.

Before you begin

  • You must have a NetApp Support account to take advantage of this service.

  • You must have authorization to use management node REST APIs.

  • You have deployed a management node running version 12.0 or later.

  • Your cluster version is running NetApp Element software 12.0 or later.

  • You have Internet access. The Active IQ collector service cannot be used from dark sites.

About this task
You can obtain continually updated historical views of cluster-wide statistics. You can set up notifications to alert you about specified events, thresholds, or metrics on a cluster so that they can be addressed quickly.

As part of your normal support contract, NetApp Support monitors this data and alerts you to potential system issues.


  1. Open the IP address of the management node in a web browser. For example:

  2. Log in to NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control by providing the NetApp HCI storage cluster administrator credentials.

  3. From the Dashboard, select the menu on the upper right.

  4. Select View Active IQ.

  5. To learn about SolidFire Active IQ, see the SolidFire Active IQ Documentation.

    You can also access the SolidFire Active IQ documentation from the dashboard by selecting the menu icon on the upper right and selecting Documentation.

  6. From the SolidFire Active IQ interface, verify that the NetApp HCI compute and storage nodes are reporting telemetry correctly to Active IQ:

    1. If you have more than one NetApp HCI installation, select Select a Cluster and choose the cluster from the list.

    2. In the left navigation pane, select Nodes.

  7. If a node or nodes are missing from the list, contact NetApp Support.

Tip To view the number of storage and compute resources, look at the Hybrid Cloud Control (HCC) Dashboard. See Monitor storage and compute resources with the HCC Dashboard.

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