Monitor storage and compute resources with the HCC Dashboard

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With the NetApp Hybrid Control (HCC) Dashboard, you can view all your storage and compute resources at a glance.

Only compute nodes that are managed and clusters with at least one managed node in H-series hardware appear on the Dashboard.

  1. Open a web browser and browse to the IP address of the management node. For example:

    https://[management node IP address]
  2. Log in to NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control by providing the NetApp HCI storage cluster administrator credentials.

  3. View the Dashboard:

    • Storage: Displays the number of storage clusters, storage nodes, and total volumes.

    • Compute: Displays the number of compute clusters and total compute nodes.

    • Storage Capacity: Displays the total physical storage space available in your cluster on the RAW tab, and information about the provisioned storage on the EFFECTIVE tab.

To view cluster health, look at the SolidFire Active IQ Dashboard. See Monitor performance, capacity, and cluster health in SolidFire Active IQ.

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