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Remove an asset from the management node

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If you physically replace a compute node or need to remove it from the NetApp HCI cluster, you must remove the compute node asset using the management node APIs.

What you'll need
  • Your storage cluster is running NetApp Element software 11.3 or later.

  • You have deployed a management node running version 11.3 or later.

  1. Enter the management node IP address followed by /mnode/1/:

  2. Click Authorize or any lock icon and enter cluster admin credentials for permissions to use APIs.

    1. Enter the cluster user name and password.

    2. Select Request body from the type drop-down list if the value is not already selected.

    3. Enter the client ID as mnode-client if the value is not already populated.

    4. Do not enter a value for the client secret.

    5. Click Authorize to begin a session.

    6. Close the window.

  3. Close the Available authorizations dialog box.

  4. Click GET/assets.

  5. Click Try it out.

  6. Click Execute.

  7. Scroll down in the response body to the Compute section, and copy the parent and id values for the failed compute node.

  8. Click DELETE/assets/{asset_id}/compute-nodes/{compute_id}.

  9. Click Try it out.

  10. Enter the parent and id values you copied in a previous step.

  11. Click Execute.