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Configure NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control for multiple vCenters

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You can configure NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control to manage assets from two or more vCenters that are not using Linked Mode.

You should use this process after your initial installation when you need to add assets for a recently scaled installation or when new assets were not added automatically to your configuration. Use these APIs to add assets that are recent additions to your installation.

What you'll need
  • Your cluster version is running NetApp Element software 11.3 or later.

  • You have deployed a management node running version 11.3 or later.

  1. Add new vCenters as controller assets to the management node configuration.

  2. Add new compute nodes as compute assets to the management node configuration.

    Note You might need to change BMC credentials for compute nodes to resolve a Hardware ID not available or Unable to Detect error indicated in NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control.
  3. Refresh the inventory service API on the management node:

    Note As an alternative, you can wait 2 minutes for the inventory to update in NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control UI.
    1. Click Authorize and complete the following:

      1. Enter the cluster user name and password.

      2. Enter the client ID as mnode-client.

      3. Click Authorize to begin a session.

      4. Close the window.

    2. From the REST API UI, click GET ​/installations.

    3. Click Try it out.

    4. Click Execute.

    5. From the response, copy the installation asset ID ("id").

    6. From the REST API UI, click GET /installations/{id}.

    7. Click Try it out.

    8. Set refresh to True.

    9. Paste the installation asset ID into the id field.

    10. Click Execute.

  4. Refresh the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control browser to see the changes.

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