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Upgrade to the latest HealthTools

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

Before you begin the Element storage upgrade, you should upgrade your HealthTools suite. Upgrading HealthTools is only required if the management node and Element software you are running is 11.1 or earlier. HealthTools are not required for performing Element upgrades using NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control.

What you'll need
  • You are running management node 11.0, 11.1 or later.

  • You have upgraded your management services to at least version 2.1.326.

    NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control upgrades are not available in earlier service bundle versions.

  • You have downloaded the latest version of HealthTools and copied the installation file to the management node.

    Tip You can check the locally installed version of HealthTools by running the sfupdate-healthtools -v command.
  • To use HealthTools with dark sites, you need to do these additional steps:

    • Download a JSON file from the NetApp Support Site on a computer that is not the management node and rename it to metadata.json.

    • Have the management node up and running at the dark site.

About this task

The commands in the HealthTools suite require escalated privileges to run. Either preface commands with sudo or escalate your user to root privileges.

Note The HealthTools version you use might be more up to date than the sample input and response below.
  1. Run the sfupdate-healthtools <path to install file> command to install the new HealthTools software.

    Sample input:

    sfupdate-healthtools /tmp/solidfire-healthtools-2020.03.01.09.tgz

    Sample response:

    Checking key signature for file /tmp/solidfirehealthtools-2020.03.01.09/components.tgz
    installing command sfupdate-healthtools
    Restarting on version 2020.03.01.09
    sfupdate-healthtools /sf/bin/sfupdate-healthtools -r 2020.03.01.09
    installing command sfupgradecheck
    installing command sfinstall
    installing command sfresetupgrade
  2. Run the sfupdate-healthtools -v command to verify the installed version has been upgraded.

    Sample response:

    Currently installed version of HealthTools:

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