Upgrade your vSphere components for a NetApp HCI system with the Element Plug-in for vCenter Server

When you upgrade the VMware vSphere components of your NetApp HCI installation, there are some additional steps you will need to take for the Element Plug-in for vCenter Server.

  1. For vCSA upgrades, clear QoSSIOC settings in the plug-in (NetApp Element Configuration > QoSSIOC Settings). The QoSSIOC Status field displays Not Configured after the process is complete.

  2. For vCSA and Windows upgrades, unregister the plug-in from the vCenter Server with which it is associated using the registration utility.

  3. Upgrade vSphere, including vCenter Server, ESXi, VMs, and other VMware components.

    Important When you upgrade to VMware vCenter Server 7.0 U3, the Element Plug-in fails to deploy. To resolve this issue using Spring Framework 4, see this KB article.
    Note When upgrading ESXi for compute nodes for a two-node cluster, upgrade only one compute node at a time so that only one witness node is temporarily unavailable and cluster quorum can be maintained.
  4. Register the Element Plug-in for vCenter Server again with vCenter.

  5. Add clusters using the plug-in.

  6. Configure QoSSIOC settings using the plug-in.

  7. Enable QoSSIOC for all datastores controlled by the plug-in.

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