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Gap analysis report


The gap analysis is a report of the customer's current and NetApp-recommended environment. It presents all recommended upgrades to the customer's environment that will need to take place post-migration.

The target configuration (post-migration) includes details for each host (OS configuration, MPIO, HBA details, Host Utility Kit version, and so on). Information about additional NetApp-required products, such as SnapDrive and SnapManager, is also available.

The changes required are typically not made until the actual migration event, because of the usual need to schedule maintenance windows. Typically, any changes made to the MPIO configuration before migration will affect the support of the current storage as well.

The completed NetApp Recommended section in the Hosts section of your Site Survey and Planning worksheet will serve as the gap analysis report. The gap analysis must be completed for every host included in the migration project. The completed gap analysis report must be reviewed with the customer.

The following is an example Gap analysis report.

create the gap analysis report 1