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Removing source LUNs from ONTAP storage

Contributors netapp-ahibbard

The following steps describe how to remove source LUNs from your ONTAP storage after migration is complete.

Note This task uses an HDS AMS2100 array in the examples. Your tasks may be different if you are using a different array or a different version of the array GUI.
  1. Log in to Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular.

  2. Select the ONTAP host group created during the plan phase and select Edit Host Group.

    Host groups
  3. Select the Ports and select Forced set to all selected ports.

    Edit host groups
  4. Select the host LUNs that are migrated from Assigned Logical LUNs. Use LUN Names for each host mentioned in the Source LUNs worksheet. Here, select LUNs of Windows 2012, RHEL 5.10, and ESXi 5.5 hosts and select Remove.

    remove source luns from ontap storage 3