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Plan phase workflow


The planning phase of the data migration process focuses on tasks required to create detailed migration plans and to make sure that everything is ready for the actual migration. The majority of migration work is the planning performed during this phase.

The planning phase is where you develop a remediation plan using the host gap analysis information gathered in the analysis phase. Use the host remediation information while planning. After end-to-end connectivity is verified, a test migration is performed to make sure everything is properly configured before beginning the production migration.

The following figure shows the plan workflow.

plan and prepare phase 1

The planning phase tasks are listed in the following table.

Component Tasks


  1. Back up the existing zonesets.

  2. Zone the source storage to destination storage.

Destination storage

  1. Connect initiator ports to fabric.

  2. Discover source storage and test LUN. Mark the source LUN as foreign.

  3. Create test LUN using foreign LUN.

  4. Create test igroup and map test LUN.

  5. Offline test LUN.

  6. Create import relationship and start test migration.

  7. Delete import relationship and unmap test LUN.

  8. Remove the test LUN.

Source storage

  1. Create host group for destination storage using initiator port WWPNs.

  2. Create test LUN (1GB).

  3. Assign (map/mask) test LUN to destination storage host group.

  4. Remove the test LUN.